Why Should I Get A Security Camera System?

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One of our alarm dealers recently told me a story and it really hit home (a bunch of alarm companies offer our home security cameras to their customers).  

He runs an alarm company and installs thousands of home security systems. 

He told me about a customer they had just signed up. 

It was your typical family. 

Mom, dad, kids, dog. They even had the white picket fence out front. 

One Saturday they were out as a family when the unthinkable happened.

Their home was broken into. 

Some things were stolen.

A lot more was broken or damaged

Huge mess everywhere.

Their dog was spooked, but from what they could tell nothing happened to their dog. At least physically. 

The worst part though? (besides the theft and invasion of privacy)

A total loss. 

The feeling that their home was a safe place was totally gone. 

Ripped away in an instant. 

The poor mom didn't feel safe in her own home. 

In fact, she couldn't sleep. Could barely eat.

She was terrified that whoever it was would come back and do unspeakable things to her children.

Every noise jolted her awake, fearful that the invaders were back.

Every knock a fresh hell of fear. 

It really took a toll on her and the entire family. 

You see, she had no idea what had happened.

Who had violated her home and what their intentions were. 

In her mind the absolute worst case scenarios played out, over and over and over again. 

But then, relief. 

One of her neighbors had a security camera system, specifically a Video Doorbell Pro and a Solar 360

And he thankfully had security video of the monsters who had broken into her home. 

Guess what?

It was a bunch of kids. 

Thanks to the security cameras, suddenly the boogey-man had a face.

And he wasn't so scary after all. 

The crushing weight of fear was lifted from this poor mom (and the family)!

She was no longer terrified of the unknown, of who might come back. 

"Ohh, it was just a bunch of harmless kids".

Instantly she felt better. 

She could sleep.

And eat.

She wasn't on edge anymore. 

Home felt safe again, now that she knew what had happened. 

And that's what really hit home with me. 

That's why home security cameras are so important.

You never know what's going to happen. 

Or when.

And when it does, the absolute worst part is not knowing

Not knowing who it was.

Why they came.

If they will come back.

If you know what happened, for some reason it's not so bad. 

I don't know why that is. Maybe a psychologist could explain it. 

But it's real.

Over and over again we hear similar stories. 

Something happened, but "having my home security cameras made me feel much better after". 

Think about it. 

When something major happens what's the first thing we say?

"Oh my goodness, what happened?" 


Cloud Storage for Security Cameras

Crorzar's cloud storage plans are the perfect companion for some of the best home security cameras out there. 

For a few dollars a month you can enjoy a sense of security that can't be rivaled. 

It's truly priceless. 

Trust us. We've done home security cameras and home security systems for a long time and seen this over and over again. 

Your footage is stored securely in the cloud where you can access it from anywhere. 

It's safe, even if your cameras are damaged, stolen, or lost. 

It's secure so only you can access it. And share it with loved ones or the authorities. 

It's simple. Directly from your phone you can pull up your saved videos and view them from anywhere. 

There's no commitment. Sign up for a month to month plan where you have full control. 

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