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How Security Cameras Help with Pet-Related Travel Anxiety

Your home security camera system has yet another benefit that your beloved pooch or furry feline will be happy to enjoy - the ability to also serve as a way to stay in touch with your pets! As someone who loves to hit the open road with no hesitation, you know that making sure your pet is safe and in good spirits is not always the easiest task to complete from a distance. 

Imagine being able to see your pet’s movements at your fingertips as you speak to them from anywhere in the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax on a white sandy beach without worrying if your pet is happy or okay? Today, technological advances like hidden home security cameras make this possible. This guide will further explain the ways that using your security camera will help reduce pet-related travel anxiety. 

Who Benefits Most from Using Home Security to Monitor Pets?

While some pet owners are not away much, others have busy, active lives that involve taking a little more time away from their homes. If you fall into one of the following categories, you will certainly benefit from using your security camera as a pet monitor:


Those Who Travel Frequently

Whether you are constantly hopping on red-eye flights to attend your next business meeting, or you often capitalize on a little ‘R&R’ on an island during your golden retirement years, your pet certainly misses you if you travel frequently. When your dog is able to hear your voice through your camera, he or she will be instantly comforted. 


Active Duty Military Personnel 

No matter if they are stationed across the globe or just a few hours away, the loving K-9 who belongs to a member of the military misses their owner just the same. Your camera will allow constant communication and observation during long months of deployment.   


Pet Separation Anxiety 

Some doggies suffer from separation anxiety when left alone by their owners, causing them to act out by barking loudly, whining, or chewing up valuables. If your pet is prone to any of these issues, checking in on them will help ease anxiety and assuage the fear of being left alone.  


4 Benefits of Monitoring Your Pet with a Smart Camera


  1. Use Motion Alerts to Your Advantage


  • Remote observation will allow you to peek in on your pet from work. Whether busy with daily errands or away on vacation, you will always have eyes on your furry friend.  
  • By using your smart camera, you will be notified immediately if your pet starts to move about. 
  • This is especially effective if your pet repeats certain troublesome activities while you are out and about. 
  • By being able to pick up on bad behavior faster, you can identify issues quickly and stop them from happening again.  


  1. Observe Your Pet Sitter (and Other Humans)
  • If you have a pet sitter, your wifi home security camera is a perfect way to observe the interaction between them and your fur baby.  
  • Your camera will also serve as a helpful defense mechanism if a burglar happens to break into your home. Use an outdoor camera in addition to your indoor pet monitor for optimal defense results. 
  • With instant footage at your fingertips, you can see the culprit as the crime takes place and identify their point of entry - all helpful information for authorities.   


  1. Talk To Your Pet with Two-Way Audio


  • Your pet, especially your dog, certainly misses you just as much as you miss them while you’re away. Science proves that dogs can tell when long periods of time pass, which means that your week in paradise is a week of loneliness for your pooch.  
  • Talking with your pet while you are away will ease irritation, lessen chances of depression, and soothe symptoms of separation anxiety. 
  • Use two-way streaming to talk and show yourself to your pets. They will enjoy seeing your image when possible and hearing your voice. You can even use this means to play with them, making your time away a little more pleasant. 


  1. Use In Case of Emergency


  • Your pet’s health remains your responsibility even when you are away. By watching them in real time on camera, you will notice any issues they are having. This allows you to take action immediately. 
  • Ever have trouble identifying what’s bothering your pet? Maybe they are hesitant to have a meal or are less energetic than normal. You can also study the footage from a few days prior to see what might have caused this change in behavior. 
  • Your veterinarian can also use the footage to help pinpoint a health issue that might be less obvious to the untrained eye. 
  • If your pet is recovering from a surgery, your camera will come in handy during their healing process.

The Bottom Line

By using your smart camera, you can reassure your pets that you still love and care for them even when miles apart. If you enjoy traveling often, are an active duty member of the military, or have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety, using a camera as a pet monitor is an amazing way to keep tabs on your companion. 


Use motion alerts to keep an eye on the movements of your pet, pet sitter, and potential threats to your home. Continue the tradition of telling them ‘good night’ while you are away with two-way audio. With a proactive approach, you will never have to wonder about your pet’s safety and well-being again. 


For a look at home security cameras for pet owners and travelers, as well as more insightful information, contact the security and automation experts at Crorzar.  

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