Should you use smart door locks?

Posted by Brandon Hess on

Smart door locks for your front door are one of the best smart home devices you can choose. 

They are incredibly convenient, more secure than traditional locks, and can work with lots of other smart devices like video doorbells and smart lighting. 

Once you've used one you'll never want to go back. 

Smart door locks are more convenient 

Lose your keys? You are good.

Forgot your phone? Covered.

Need a good door lock for your Airbnb guests? These are perfect.

On top of being able to use a regular key, Crorzar's SmartLock has 5 different ways to unlock your door. 

1. Fingerprint scanner

2. App control

3. Alexa and Google

4. Swipe cards

5. Touchscreen code

Smart door locks for Google and Alexa are becoming more and more popular and make it very easy to lock your doors with your voice as you are on your way to bed. 

Worried about the batteries on your smart lock dying and you being locked out? Make sure the lock you choose has an exterior charging port (the Crorzar SmartLock comes with a micro usb port for some emergency juice just in case). 

Smart door locks are more secure

Automatic locking means you never have to remember to lock your door again, and most smart door locks offer this.

You can program your lock to automatically engage itself after it's been opened. Just select how long you want your door lock to wait and it can automatically lock itself again. 

Smart door locks work with other devices

If you want more convenience at home, pairing a smart door lock with other devices will do some really cool things.

Automatically adjust your thermostat, turn on lights, create scenes, and a whole lot more. The smart door locks are really the first line of defense and the the first step in a smart home with other wifi connected devices. 

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