Top 5 Back to School Safety Tips for Families

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It's that time of year again when the kids head off to school. For some who work from home, it may be the best day of the year. :) 

But it also adds a whole new wrinkle to keeping the kids safe. Here are the top back to school safety tips for families. 


1. Avoid distracted walking

The National Safety Council encourages a "head up, phone down" approach when walking to school, especially for young teens.

In 1995 children aged 5-9 were most likely to be hit by a vehicle while walking. Today that has shifted to young teens being the most likely.

Encourage your teens to put their phones away and to never use headphones while walking. 

Driving too and from school is one of the  most distracted times for driving with kids throwing shoes on and parents fighting traffic, so do what you can to make sure your kids are always alert. 


2. Get the right backpack

Backpacks should be ergonomically designed and it's recommended to avoid backpacks with rolling wheels since they create trip hazards and are likely to break. 

You should also avoid overstuffing a backpack. It should weigh no more than 5-10% of your child's bodyweight. 


3. Take advantage of technology

What's the best way to stop your kids from losing a house key? Don't give them one to begin with. 

Smart door locks are a great solution and one of the most popular upgrades for homes. 

The Crorzar SmartLock is a perfect way to make sure your home is secure during the day and easily accessible when you come home. Instead of requiring keys that can be lost, the SmartLock can be opened with the Crorzar Home app, with a code, or with a fingerprint. 

As a smart door lock, it can also automatically lock itself so your home is always safe. Let's be honest, kids aren't always the best at locking up after themselves :) 


4. Use smart security cameras to make sure they are home safe

Security cameras are a great way to confirm that the kids are home safely from school. The Crorzar Home Video Doorbell Pro can provide notifications when motion is detected so you will always know when the kids have arrived. 

(It's also a great tool to know if the teenagers are sneaking out :) 

Home security cameras can be placed inside and outside the home so you have an eye on what's most important to you, no matter where you are. 


5. Always leave plenty of travel time

Running late is a very stressful experience for most people and can lead poor travel decisions, like not fully checking for oncoming traffic before turning. 

Leaving with plenty of travel times helps avoid sharing the roads with those who are also late. 


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