The New Crorzar Home Security and Smart Home System

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We are thrilled to announce that launch of our new app and our new smart home and home security system, Crorzar Home!

When we originally launched Crorzar Cameras, the app was designed to support one thing, home security cameras that were high quality and easy to use. 
As we spoke with more and more of our customers we realized that they wanted more than security cameras, they also wanted a wide variety of home security and smart home devices that were also high quality and easy to use. 
So we got to work on a new platform that offers a whole lot more!

What Crorzar Home Offers

On top of supporting new and improved home security cameras, Crorzar Home also offers:
•Smart home automation
•Video alarm verification
•And a lot more coming soon!
The best part? It’s all all just as easy to set up and use as the original Crorzar cameras! 

Video Verification 

This a game changer in the way professional alarm monitoring is handled. Typically a monitoring center receives an alert and calls the resident to verify what’s happening. The problem is that now-a-days people don’t answer their phones and don’t know what’s happening, resulting in a false alarm rate of 90% for most alarm systems. 
Video verification helps change that. When an alarm system is triggered, select cameras will now share motion activated clips with the professional monitoring agents and directly in the app so the responding authorities have the best possible information available. 
No more wondering what happened. Now your home security camera system can help you see in real time the a threat is present and share that with the appropriate parties. 
Crorzar Home has also implemented a system to call, text, and email residents when an alarm is triggered to make sure they are informed about a potential emergency. 

Cloud Video Storage

Crorzar cameras still offer video storage to an on board SD card, but now we have enhanced the ability of the security cameras by providing cloud storage as well. 
While an SD card is a great option for video storage, it does come with some drawbacks. SD cards can become corrupted, get damaged or stolen, or otherwise fail and then you don’t have an option to retrieve your video. 
With cloud storage your video is saved securely to the cloud where it is backed up and safe. And using the Crorzar Home app you can access your video 24/7. At a few dollars per month, it’s a great way to protect the security cameras that are protecting you. 


The SmartLock will quickly become your favorite smart home device as it’s extremely easy to use and install. This touchscreen smart door lock allows you to open your doors with regular keys, an app, your fingerprint, a code, or with swipe cards. You’ll wonder how you ever carried keys before. 
It’s also perfect for those doing short term rentals since you can create entry codes that expire at a certain time. 

How to Use Crorzar Home

All of these features are available to use in the Crorzar Home app, which is a free smart home app. It can be downloaded on most Apple and Android devices (links here).
Crorzar Home is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to lock your door, adjust your thermostat, view your cameras on compatible devices, arm your home security system, and a whole lot more. 
The best part is that this is available to everyone. Unlike most professional grade alarm systems that must be installed with a home owners approval, Crorzar Home is an easy to use DIY smart home system that can be installed and used by just about anyone, even if you don’t own your home. 
Owners of the original Crorzar Cameras will continue to use the original Crorzar Cameras app, while those who purchase new cameras and hardware will use the Crorzar Home app. 

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