Smart Thermostat

Crorzar Smart Thermostat helps you keep your home more comfortable with a lower electricity bill.

Buy it, & watch it pay for itself.

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Remotely adjust your thermostat from your car, bed, or anywhere else.


Sets up in minutes


Create smart automations so your thermostat automatically adjusts to your lifestyle.

Conserve and save with automatic schedules

Quickly and easily create custom schedules for your thermostat.

Cooling and heating empty homes costs hundred of dollars per yer. Put that money back where it belongs with simple schedules.

With geofencing your thermostat knows when you come home and can automatically adjust to your personal preferences.

Automatically adjust based on outside temperatures

Engineered to amaze

Use your voice to adjust your thermostat with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Integration.

Create convenient automations

Want your thermostat to automatically adjust your temperature when you come &go? Easy. Like it cooler in a specific room? Cake. Want to save money while on vacation? Not only is it possible, it’s simple with the free Crorzar Home app.

  • Create schedules & automations for free
  • Add remote temperature sensors for hard to cool areas
  • Remotely edit your thermostat & settings from anywhere

Control from anywhere

The Crorzar Smart Thermostat is easy to use and control from the free Crorzar Home app. Fine-tune your comfort with manual adjustments from anywhere.
Sleeping a little hot at night? Easy fix.
Unexpected delay? Not a problem.
Control everything from the palm of your hand

Meet the Smart Thermostat


Motion Sensing
Heat, Cool, Auto, Off, Emergency Heat
Free App for Android and iPhone
Voice Control with Alexa/Google
Remote Temperature Sensors
Smart Alerts
Vacation Mode
Outdoor Temperature
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1 Year Limited Warranty
14°-104° F

5.15 in. x 3 in. x .5 in.
Weight: 6 oz.

Wifi Connection
AC Power
Indoor-Use Only

Meet the Smart Thermostat

Remote Temperature

Place remote temperature sensors in hard to heat/cool spots throughout your home to even out temperature differences & sleep more comfortably.

Installs in minutes

Easy to follow guides mean you can have your new thermostat set up in 5 minutes or less.

Works with most systems

Conventional: 2H/2C

Heat Pump: 4H/2C

Gas, electric, hot water, steam, or gravity

Open box.

Set up your Smart Thermostat in under 5 minutes.


Crorzar Home app

Connect to Wifi

Crorzar’s 100% satisfaction guarantee

Test our products. If you aren't 100% thrilled, call us within 14 days for a full refund.

Order your Smart Thermostat today!

$1,000.00 Sale Save