Door locked. Alarm activated. Home secured.

Most home invasions are crimes of opportunity through an unlocked entry point. The Crorzar Smart Doorlock can automatically lock your door if you forget and works hand in hand with your Crorzar alarm system.

The best part? It’s also versatile and incredibly smart.

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Physical key, app, code, fingerprint,
swipe card, & more


Get alerted when intruders attempt to guess your code.


Create temporary access codes that expire at a pre-determined time.

Smart. Simple. Secure

Locked. Even if you forget

With the Crorzar Smartlock, you can set your door to automatically lock on a schedule, or immediately after the door is opened.
No more wondering if you locked the door after climbing into bed.

Track who’s coming and going

Create users and assign unique codes, even temporary codes. Kids home from school? Check. Dog walker showed up on time? Done. Teens out past curfew? Busted!

Perfect for short term rentals

Create temporary codes that are valid only for specific time frames. Track what time guests arrive and depart. No more tracking down keys or changing out the locks.

Fingerprint scanning and more

Gone are the days of locking yourself out. Now you can unlock your door with your voice, a pin code, your fingerprint, the Crorzar Home app, swipe cards, or a good old fashioned key.

Engineered to amaze & protect

Is an intruder trying to guess your code? Not for long. The Crorzar Smartlock notifies you the instant it detects unusual activity, so you can verify what’s happening & take action.

Deter Intruders

When an intruder attempts to access your home with too many invalid guesses, your lock notifies you, sounds a siren, & temporarily locks down. All with no monthly fee.

  • Remotely lock or unlock your doors
  • Superior battery life up to 1 year*
  • Create smart automations with your other devices

Combine a Smartlock & Video Doorbell Pro for an incredible experience

Someone at your door? See who it is with Video Doorbell Pro and invite them in, or keep them out, with remote locking & unlocking of your door with the Crorzar Home app.

Add Video Doorbell Pro to Cart

Allow or deny entry into your home from anywhere

Lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere, using the free Crorzar Home app.

Create and revoke unique access codes from the app any time. Changes take effect immediately.

Meet the Smartlock


Remote App Control
Fingerprint Scanning
Swipe Cards
Code Access
Temporary Code Creation
Mechanical Key
No Monthly Fees
Multiple Users
Free App for Android and iPhone
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1 Year Limited Warranty
-10°-130° F

5.5 in. x 2.5 in. x .25 in.
Weight: 1 lb.

2.4ghz Wifi Connection
4 AA Batteries (not included)

Meet the Smartlock

Rugged yet sleek

Elegant design meets tough cookie for a Smartlock that will withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it.

High quality construction

Quality materials and construction means your Smartlock will serve you well for years

Open box.
Protect your home.

Set up your Smartlock in under 20-30 minutes.

Multiple access

Crorzar Home app

Connect to Wifi

Crorzar’s 100% satisfaction guarantee

Test our products. If you aren't 100% thrilled, call us within 14 days for a full refund.

Order your Smartlock today!

$1,000.00 Sale Save