Top 5 Home Security Tips for the Holidays

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5 Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Burglars seem to share the sentiment that ‘there’s no place like home for the holidays,’ which is why proactive efforts to keep your dwelling safe - like home security cameras and keeping gifts hidden from the naked eye - are more important now than ever before. Over 1 million burglaries happen in the U.S. annually, many of which occur during the holiday season. 

Looking for ways to ward off pesky porch pirates as Christmastime approaches? Worried about keeping your home safe as you travel to enjoy holiday festivities? Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your humble abode safe and sound over the holidays.    

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holiday Season 

Taking even the smallest of precautions will save you and your family money and tons of headache in the long run. This information will explain how to guard your home and stay one step ahead of bandits.

 1. Secure Your Christmas Tree 

As you wrap gifts and prepare for the big day of celebration and happy exchanges, remember that children and grandchildren are not the only ones you have to hide presents from. 

While we love putting our Christmas trees and wrapped gifts on full display, leaving them near a window gives thieves a clear view of potential items for the taking. Simply moving your Christmas tree away from view outside the home will stop burglars from trying to steal gifts by breaking your window.  

 2. Fight Back Against Package Theft

Online shopping is at an all-time high during the holidays and thieves knowingly use this to their advantage. With Cyber Monday and Christmas sales, many porches can be found with unguarded packages waiting to be snatched. Combat porch pirates with the following tips: 

  • Make sure that packages are not left exposed on your doorstep for hours on end.
  • Consider having packages delivered to your workplace.
  • A trusty neighbor that will be home during the time of delivery is a perfect resource for keeping your items safe. 
  • Use a disguised package lock-box to fool thieves. 
  • Use a package locker for free offered by companies like Amazon
  • Leave special instructions for delivery personnel so that only you will know where to locate your package. 
  • Be sure to break down big boxes and hide trash left behind by expensive items before leaving them with the garbage. 
  • Invest in smart home security, such as cameras, lights, and systems.  

3.  Use Security Lights Around Your Home 

    Bright lights are a burglar’s worst enemy. Arming your home at nighttime with a bright exterior will keep thieves from hiding in shadows as they wait for an opportune time to enter. 

    • Neighbors will also have a better chance of spotting any suspicious activity if you have a well-lit yard. 
    • Because burglars tend to carefully observe the patterns of potential targets, you can even customize your lighting experience to further deter intruders.
    • Motion-activated lights are highly effective for alerting you of an unwanted presence in your yard. Consider using a wall light, like the Crorzar Solar Mini Wall Mount Light, to brighten the side of your home, walkways, and stairs when someone walks by. 

     4. Use a Video Doorbell 

      Take your smart home security to the next level with a video doorbell. This device is a sure way to stop thieves in their tracks once it is spotted. Here are some of the benefits of using this type of doorbell: 

      • They are motion-activated, meaning you are alerted of any closeby activity instantly.  
      • With wireless capabilities, you will not have to worry about pesky wires while installing. 
      • All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection to use your new security device. 
      • With top notch picture quality and night vision, you will be able to watch the activity on your porch with ease no matter the time of day. 
      • The two-way conversational system allows you to speak directly to whoever is on your porch in real time.  
      • If you decide to leave your home for the holidays, you can control your device from anywhere on your smartphone. 

       5. The Smart Camera Works Wonders

        Wireless home security cameras have an endless list of benefits when it comes to protecting your home. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider this investment: 

        • Thieves are highly turned off by the thought of being seen or identified.
        • You can monitor the activity at your home from anywhere.
        • If a crime takes place, you will have evidence available for the authorities. 
        • You can even reduce your homeowner’s insurance by having a smart camera on display. 

        Home Holiday Safety Tips for Travel

        If you plan on hitting the road, here are a few holiday travel tips that will help you keep your home well-guarded while you are away: 

        1. Double check your motion-activated lights, smart cameras, alarms, and all other equipment to make sure that they are working correctly. 
        2. Always carry a charger along with your cell phone so that your smart apps and neighbors are able to alert you if there is a disturbance. 
        3. Leave copies of your itinerary, contact information, and other important documents with someone you trust. 
        4. Leave valuables in special storage like a safety deposit box. 
        5. Have your neighbor retrieve your mail or have the post office hold onto it so it isn’t left behind in your mailbox while you are away. 

        The Bottom Line 

        Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve peace of mind as you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you are miles away fellowshipping with family, or eagerly awaiting Christmas at home, remember the following tips to make home security one less matter to worry about:

        • Keep your Christmas tree and presents away from windows to keep burglars from spotting items of interest. 
        • Make sure that your packages are not left exposed on your porch. 
        • Consider motion-activated lighting around the home to alert you of when someone enters your property at night. 
        • Install a video doorbell for real-time updates of activity near your front door. 
        • Use a smart camera to deter thieves and record activity for added protection. 

        For more information on home security and products like security cameras, be sure to reach out to the home safety experts at Crorzar. 

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