7 Ways to Stop Porch Pirates

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Porch Pirates - pesky as a family of termites, but not as nearly as difficult to rid yourself of! 

As one of the damaging aftereffects of COVID-19, package theft has increased dramatically throughout the country. With over 35.5 million Americans having experienced the woes of having their prized possessions stolen, porch pirates are in fact busy bees these days.

Luckily, thanks to advancements in technology, combined with a few brilliant and innovative ideas, you can protect yourself this holiday season, and everyday after, by being proactive against brazen thieves. Here are 7 ways to stop porch pirates right in their tracks.

  • Track Your Package Online

  • Although one of the more seemingly obvious options, package tracking is often overlooked. By using your phone on the go, you can easily access the location of your package at all times. 

    Whether delivered via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or even Amazon, as soon as your package leaves the warehouse for delivery you are instantly notified. You can even customize tracking options so that you are alerted in real-time when your package arrives. 

    By using this method, you will have more than enough time to make the proper arrangements to ensure that your package makes it to you, its’ rightful, intended owner, safely. 

  • Appear to Be at Home

  • Think about the movie “Home Alone” for a second.

    Although Kevin did a fine job for an 8 year old defending his home, just how much could the robbers Harry and Marv have really gotten away with if the whole family had been home?

    Same concept applies realistically.

    According to a survey conducted by KGW8 News, many burglars will not break into a home if they happen to hear a TV or a radio, see a car parked at the residence, or see lights on inside the home. Outside lights are not as effective.

    If you are worried about saving energy, simply sync your inside lighting, television, or radio to a timer. This way, even if you are not home before dark, Harry and Marv won’t stand a chance!


  • Avoid Excessive Shrubbery

    Because thieves prefer to work in situations that limit their chances of being seen, getting rid of large trees, bushes, and shrubs surrounding your home eliminates potential hiding places. Many porch pirates have admitted to specifically looking for shrubbery. By showcasing a clear yard, you will not only keep the HOA trolls off your back, but you will make sneaking up to grab a package harder for criminals due to exposure. 

    Of course, too much exposure puts your package right in front street - literally. You could also purchase a few smaller plants for your porch to make your sitting package a little less obvious. 



  • Use Neighbors As Allies

  • By using your neighbors as your allies, you are provided with two more useful options for assistance with ridding yourself of potential porch pirates. You could opt for a trusted neighbor to receive your package with a signature so that delivery is ensured. UPS MyChoice does this, for example. 

    If your neighbor lives close enough, such as if your home is designed similarly to a townhouse or duplex, and they happen to  anticipate being home during the expected time of delivery, you could also have them simply notify you when your package arrives. 


  • Discard Empty Gift Boxes Away from the Home

    Especially during the holiday season, empty boxes that once held high-dollar items often decorate the front of homes waiting for disposal. When spotting these boxes, thieves then know for sure that valuable items are inside the home - a big no no!

    If a porch pirate is not bold enough to enter your home, they may begin watching for the opportunity to steal delivery items. Experts in home security recommend placing the boxes out right before pickup time to avoid being scouted by thieves. You could also break the boxes down into smaller pieces so that the garbage conveniently fits into your bin or recycling. 

  • Porch Pirate Bag 
  • Another creative tactic that innovatively pairs well with smart cameras and sensors is the Porch Pirate Bag. 

    (No, it isn’t a trendy bag that porch pirates use to hold their stolen goods.)

    The Porch Pirate Bag  is a nylon bag, featuring PVC reinforcements, that can be locked to your door. Once your package is inside the bag, the delivery personnel then locks it using the combination lock that is attached. 

    Yes, the pesky porch pirate may still attempt to cut the package free if he or she is determined enough. When used in tandem with your smart camera, the chance of the robber getting away with their wrongdoing is slim to none. 

  • Use a Smart Camera 

  • Lastly, one of the most effective methods for raining on a porch pirate’s parade - the smart camera

    What could possibly be better than catching a porch pirate in the act AND having footage to identify the culprit? (Maybe your favorite food, but we will save that conversation for another day!)

    Crorzar’s Anywhere Cam works phenomenally for scenarios such as these. 

    Simply follow the directions to set up your Crorzar smart camera, which are super easy to understand, and in less time than it takes you to prepare a bag of buttery popcorn in the microwave, you will have top notch security right at your fingertips! 

    Not only will your Crorzar smart camera work well with your home security system, motion sensors, and other deterrents, having a smart camera in plain sight is an added bonus. The last thing a porch pirate wants is to be caught on camera!

    If you are unable to place your camera in a visible location, simply use a security camera sign that notifies potential porch pirates so they can prepare for their close-up. 

    “Smile, you’re on camera!”


    There are several ways to stop porch pirates without breaking the bank. By tracing your packaging online, appearing to be home when possible, getting rid of extra trees and bushes, and using deterrents such as the Porch Pirate Bag, you will be one step ahead of thieves. You should also try to work with your neighbors for assistance. 

    For the most effective package security, use technology in tandem with other methods. With Crorzar’s impressive selection of smart cameras and home security products, rest assured that you will find an affordable, easy-to-use solution that is perfect for defending your anticipated deliveries!

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