The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Smart Camera

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Whether you are a tech gadget connoisseur perfecting your stash of goodies, an empowered single lady ensuring the safety of your home, a caring grandparent who just wants to be safe, or a new, proud Poppa protecting your adoring family, your decision to purchase a security camera system is undoubtedly a wise one. There are several solid reasons for purchasing home security cameras. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of house security cameras on the market and it may be difficult to decide which one is actually the best security camera system. Before hastily jumping into your pricey decision make note of the top 5 mistakes to avoid when buying a smart camera. 

  • Forgetting to Check the Subscription Plan

  • Ever been told to read the fine print? Well here is a noteworthy example as to why this sentiment is important. Of course, your new wireless home security camera will need a large amount of storage space. While typical wireless security camera systems offer cloud storage, chances are, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee. (Yep. That’s more money on top of the purchase price.) Luckily for you, there are a handful of trustworthy companies out there that offer the option to store your video footage on a local SD card free of charge. (We here at Crorzar happen to be one of those wonderful companies.) So ladies, spend that extra money on a spa day, and gentlemen, prepare to spend that extra money on your wife’s spa day!

  • Forgetting the Smart Home Devices You Already Own

  • As with any purchase, acquiring the most bang for your buck is the goal. Confirming that your new indoor security camera is compatible with your pre-existing smart home devices is crucial for successful home automation. The only way to achieve home automation is if your smart home devices are able to work together. This holds true for your new security camera system as well. If you happen to already use smart home systems such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, (Crorzar has a top secret project in the works that you will love if you like the idea of simple, seamless home automation), try seeing if the surveillance camera system you wish to purchase will pair with them.  

  • Opting for the Cheapest or Most Expensive Option

  • (Frugal Freddy and Keeping-Up-With-The-Joneses Janice beware!) When purchasing a new cctv camera knowing exactly what is entailed is the most important aspect. Just because you spot a security camera system that happens to be the newest thing on the market, or the most affordable at the time, does not mean that it will be the best wireless security camera. Opting for cheap wireless security cameras, or flocking to new, highly expensive ones with false claims of being the best home security camera system might cost you more in the long run. You work for your dollars right? Make sure they work for you, too! 


  •  Misreading the Specs and Security Features

    Contrary to popular belief, spending time comparing the specs for each wifi security camera you come across is not necessarily the key to choosing the best option. For example, picture quality can vary due to the camera pan and the number of IR LEDs. You already know the written specs that you are looking for. Your focus may be on a wireless camera that includes 24/7 viewing, clear, crisp, sharp imagery, and motion detection alerts. 

    Instead of looking at written information for each wifi camera, try looking at reviews that include sample footage. Of course, your bandwidth may improve or worsen the quality, but seeing examples will serve as a good indicator of the type of home camera system you will be purchasing. (Here at Crorzar, we guarantee high quality video! You will be amazed how good the vides are, even on slower internet connections.)
    In terms of security, privacy should be a major concern as well. We live in a day and age where technologically advanced masterminds are able to hack into our lives at a moment’s notice. Oftentimes your IP camera will come with encryption, usually either 128 or 256 bit. While reassuring, putting in the extra effort to make sure that your information and privacy are not compromised will be worthwhile. Most hacks happen because default passwords are widely known and rarely changed (At Crorzar, we’ve done away with risky default passwords to help keep you more secure). Be sure to choose a password that cannot be easily figured out and try to store your wireless home security camera footage locally when possible instead of on the cloud. This minimizes how much of your personal information is accessible by criminals on the internet. (The world isn’t ready for your shower singing just yet!)



  • Forgetting About Setup

  • So you’ve finally reached the end of the process! (Or so you thought.) You have selected the best wireless security camera system and you happily open the packaging, anticipating your new purchase like a wide-eyed child on Christmas morning. Ready to check out all the bells and whistles, your celebration comes to a quick halt. 

    (Wait, how do I turn this thing on?) 

    Although some outdoor home security cameras are fairly easy to sync, you can’t forget about the intricate details. What if you are unable to connect the wiring? Make sure that you won’t have to spend even more money hiring a technician to install your new indoor camera. (Here at Crorzar, you deal with highly trained professionals who have mastered providing great customer service and are able to assist you with your installation questions! Our simple smart cams have an easy setup process and are even easier to use.) 


    Purchasing and using your new wireless home security camera should be simple and painless. By paying attention to detail, you can make an educated decision on which choice is the best home security camera for you and your family. If you are looking to add a security camera system to your home, rest assured that Crorzar is here to do exactly what our name means: provide “great worth.” Take a look at our unmatched selection of outdoor security camera systems today!

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