Here’s Why Every Home Should Have Smart Cams

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If you know or have been  the victim of a home invasion, you know how awful that feeling is. Home should feel like a safe haven and when someone violates that by breaking into your personal fortress, that peace of mind can be hard to get back.

There were almost 1 million home invasion burglaries in 2019, and only about 17% of those cases were solved. That number was actually down from 2018, when almost 1.2 million home burglaries happened across the country.

It just so happens that during that same time frame, the number of homes in the country equipped with security cameras jumped from 17% to 38%.

It may sound like a coincidence, but many criminals have actually admitted to steering clear of a home if they see any type of surveillance camera.

In the ’80s and ’90s, home security camera systems were considered out of reach for most people.

Back then, a professional had to come out and install the system, which involved wiring, time, and some guy hanging around your house all day.

Technology has changed drastically in the past few decades, and although it may not make everything easier, it has revolutionized home security.

It’s more affordable than ever to protect your home, but there are also more products to weed through. Figuring out what system will work with your home can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure which features you need.


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late


Living in a quiet, isolated neighborhood or off the beaten path you may feel a sense of safety and security. Almost 1 in 5 Americans say their homes are safe enough not to need a home security camera system (these tend to be the folks that are hit hardest when something does happen).

I’m going to take the criminals’ word on this one and say that may not always be the case.

We’ve all seen videos of porch pirates caught on outdoor security cameras, snatching boxes from someone’s porch. Americans lost more than $5.4 billion in 2019 because of these thieves, and most of the incidents happened in higher-income areas. As online shopping goes up, these losses will go up, too.


What to Look For

Video Quality

The best surveillance camera systems have crystal-clear video quality.

Even with the amazing technology all around us, some surveillance camera videos look as though we’re back in the time of Atari. If you can’t see what’s happening in the video, there isn’t much point in having house security cameras in the first place.

You want to look for 1080p HD video quality, like you get with the Crorzar Indoor 360. Most similar smart cams don’t come close to matching this video quality, especially for the price.

Smart tracking is an important and unique feature that allows you to scan the entire room, tracking the motion the smart cameras detect. With full room coverage from a single camera, you now need fewer cameras to cover the same areas (which keeps your wallet happy).  Since criminals don’t always use the front door when they come and go, this allows you to see what’s really going around your home. The incredible night vision feature on Crorzar cameras  also allows you to see up to 50 feet in the dark, whether you need to keep an eye on a tricky toddler in the next room or your vehicles in the front yard.

The wide range of coverage also means you won’t need to set up as many devices to see around your house, which helps cut down on cost.


Price and Contracts


Getting a home camera system installed used to be a big commitment that came with monthly fees and long contracts. They weren’t cheap, either. However, that’s all changed.

With Wi-Fi technology in the palm of our hands, there’s no need for all that paperwork or costly equipment.

There are amazing devices like Crorzar smart cams that keep an eye on your entire home for a fraction of the cost of a professionally installed alarm system and without a contract.

For less than $300, you can cover your home, inside and outside, with a few small devices.


Easy Installation, Setup, and Storage


Technology is supposed to make things easier, but as we all know, that isn’t always the case. If the thought of installing a wireless home security camera system by yourself terrifies you, don’t worry. Setting these devices up is extremely simple.

Most systems are now Wi-Fi enabled and use wireless security camera technology to record, stream, and send footage. Installing a Crorzar camera takes just a few minutes. You just download the free mobile app, scan the QR code with your new device, and you’re up and running. There are a few things you’ll have to click along the way, but it is that simple.

Crorzar smart cams also feature two-way talk capabilities, so you can talk or listen through the device from anywhere or set custom audio options to deliver your message anytime you’re not around. The two-way talk function can come in very handy if you want a way to keep an eye on your kiddos or your pets when you’re away.

All of the video footage is stored on a local SD card instead of a cloud system, so hackers can’t access it, but you can from anywhere. The system can also store up to 10 weeks of footage without a monthly fee.


Powering Your Smart Cam


Battery-powered wireless security cameras are much more convenient than systems that are hardwired into your homes. A great example is the Anywhere Cam that comes with a rechargeable, high-capacity battery that lasts a long time between charges. With some systems, the batteries drain quickly and have to be removed from the device for charging.

Crorzar smart cams have a micro USB port that plugs right into the wall without interrupting recording.


Closing Thoughts


As a bonus, installing a home security system may save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. If you’re looking to add smart cams or other security devices to your home, take a glance at your policy to see if it includes that perk. And remember, don’t wait until after something happens to safeguard your home.



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