Video Petfeeder

Feed your pets consistent portions at consistent times to help boost pet wellness. See, hear, and speak with your pets from the camera so they have the comfort of your voice, even when you are away.

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Watch live HD Video & audio 24/7 for free. Manually dispense treats directly from the app.


Customize portions, feeding times, frequency, & more to help keep your pets healthy.


Activate motion alerts to make sure your pets are healthy & eating.

Check on your pets.
Wherever you are.

Is everything alright at home? With the Crorzar Pet Feeder, you can see & hear what’s happening at home any time, anywhere, from any device. With an ultra-wide field of view — flawless streaming — you can see everything that happens at home in crystal clear HD.

All for free in the Crorzar Home app.

Never forget a feeding again

Use the free Crorzar Home app to create custom feeding schedules. Set portion sizes, feeding times, & frequency, all from your phone.

Want to offer an extra treat? Manually give an extra portion from the app or directly on the feeder.

“A break in eating habits can be a warning sign of illness. When dogs eat on a regular’s easy to see at a glance if food is left, which is an important signal that something is wrong”.

Ryan Llera, Veterinarian

AC power with battery backup

Make sure your pets’ feeding needs are met. AC power ensures your feeder is always powered, with backup batteries just in case.

Meet the Petfeeder


HD Video and Audio
24/7 Free Live Streaming
Free Motion Alerts
Free App for Android and iPhone
Recording and 30-Day Cloud Storage (with plan)
Millions of Colors
H.265 Encryption
25 Frames/sec
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
1 Year Limited Warranty
10°-104° F

6L Food Bin
18 in. x 10.5 in. x 10.5 in.
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Wifi Connection
AC Power
Battery Backup
Indoor-Use Only

Meet the Outdoor 360

Streaming, perfected

What good is HD video if it’s choppy, gritty, or slow? To get crystal clear video you need more than HD resolution. You also need great compression. Crorzar Cameras use the best, HEVC H.265, which means you get crystal clear HD video that loads quickly and plays smoothly, even on slower internet connections.

Serious about privacy

Crorzar Cameras are designed to give you complete control over your privacy. Your video feed is protected with the same level of encryption used by banks to protect their accounts.

End to End Encoding

Encryption in Transit

SSL Security Certification

Open box.
Plug it in
Protect your Pets.

Set up your Petfeeder in under 5 minutes.

Plug it

Crorzar Home app

Connect to Wifi

Crorzar’s 100% satisfaction guarantee

Test our products. If you aren't 100% thrilled, call us within 14 days for a full refund.

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$1,000.00 Sale Save