Crorzar Smart Door/Window Contact for 2gig®/Honeywell®

Crorzar Smart Door/Window Contact for 2gig®/Honeywell®

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The Crorzar wireless door and window contact has been developed by alarm company owners who know what is important when it comes to alarm equipment: high quality equipment, superior reliability, low cost, and extended battery life.  Crorzar sensors works with both 2gig and Honeywell systems so you can stock less equipment. 

The end result is a sensor that will save alarm companies hundreds of dollars in service calls over a customers lifetime. 

Battery Life: Most sensors claim a lifetime of 5-8 years and only last around 3-4. Battery manufacturers suggest a useful life of 5 years from the time they are manufactured, so anything beyond that is unrealistic. A door equipped with a Crorzar sensor can be opened up to 150 times per day every single day for 5 years. With nearly triple the battery life of most other sensors, the Crorzar door sensor will save companies 2-3 service calls per battery set, savings alone worth several hundred dollars per customer. 

Auto Restore: If you've ever had to replace a sensor that just stopped working for no good reason, you would have saved that service call with a Crorzar sensor. Electronics occasionally become "confused" with all the signals they receive and may crash (think your computer or cell phone). Crorzar sensors have fixed this issue and automatically restore themselves in a fraction of a second so you can avoid this costly service call. 

Dual Compatibility: This Crorzar sensor will work with both 2gig and Honeywell systems so you can stock less equipment. 

Smaller form factor: The sensor measures less than 2.5" tall, 1" wide, and less than .25" thick, giving it a smaller form factor than many other sensors. 

All of this has been accomplished without sacrificing range or using inferior components. The end result is that the Crorzar sensor will provide you initial cost savings, as well as hundreds of dollars in long term savings by eliminating many common service calls. 

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