Grow your RMR and Close More Deals

A Security and Smart Home Platform with No Monthly fees

Stop walking away from customers over price, credit, long-term contracts, or home-ownership

5 Diamond Central Station

Alarm Monitoring and Video Verification

Free smart home services

No Monthly Fees for Home Automation Services

Free Video Services

Free Local Storage and Cloud Storage Available

Affordable Equipment

Hardware Priced to Help You Win in Almost Any Scenario

Compare the Savings

3-1 Kit
Typical Home Automation Package
Alarm System Installation
Home Automation Installation
Monitoring, Interactive, and Video Services
Monthly Billing/Backend/Collection Costs
Video verification with Live Agent
$12 Total
Total Creation Cost
Monthly Cost (Without Video Verification)
Monthly Cost (With Video Verification)

Quickly and easily grow your rmr

Low creation costs mean your customers are now profitable from day one

sell to anyone

No requirements for home ownership, minimum credit score, or long term contracts

stop losing business to the toy grade diy brands

Get your foot in the door with price conscious consumers initially looking for less expensive solutions

Easy and Fast, DIY Friendly Setup

Easy enough for your customers to do on their own, or you can do it for them. Simply power it on, link your account, and add equipment. All from our free app.

Alarm Monitoring and Video Verification

Professional alarm monitoring and video verification from a Five Diamond central station.

50% of the market is unserved by professional installers

Grow your RMR and Close More Deals

Traditional manufactureres focus on adding more bells and whistles to their produts, which results in prices that are too high for parts of the market.

Crorzar Home allows you to customize the pricing and products to what any customer needs. 

Now you can compete with and even beat the major DIY brands on more than quality.

Advanced Analytics come standard

Free Video Services

Store video to a local SD card for free. Cloud storage available to help grow your RMR. All cameras include two way voice, advanced night vision, motion detection, motion tracking, and more.

scene creation, app control, and more

Free Home Automation Services

All home automation features are included free of charge. Manually control door locks, thermostats, cameras, lights, pet feeders and more. Create custom scenes to truly automate your customer's homes.

Crorzar Products

Meet the system


The Crorzar Touchscreen Door Lock quickly installs onto just about any standard sized door and includes everything you need.

Includes multiple ways to open your door:

App, Code, RF Keycard, Fingerprint Scan, Alexa/Google Home Mechanical Key

Crorzar Hub

The Crorzar Smart Home Hub is easy to setup and simple to use. Simply plug in, link an account, and add sensors.

Solar 360

The Crorzar Solar 360 is completely wireless and remotely controlled from the free Crorzar Home App.

This wifi flood light camera allows for color night vision and will light up whenever motion is detected. The night vision camera delivers incredible clear pictures even in total darkness.

Easy setup and includes rechargeable batteries and solar panel.

Video Doorbell Pro

The Crorzar Video Doorbell Camera is a 1080p indoor or outdoor wifi security camera with remote viewing. It can be battery powered or use the homes existing doorbell wiring. Includes rechargeable batteries and a wireless chime.

Smart Thermostat

The Crorzar Home Smart Thermostat is a simple and easy way to control a home's temperature from anywhere. Touchscreen and simple to set up with remote sensors that can be strategically placed throughout the home to ensure every room is at the desired temperature.

Crorzar Hub

A Professionally Monitored, Affordable Alarm system

Advanced Dispatch Communications

Instant SMS communications with a dispatcher when the alarm is triggered for fewer false alarms and faster responses.

full app control

Arming, disarming, full notifications, and more all on your customer's smartphones.

Video verification and professional monitoring

Alarm monitoring and video verification from a 5 Diamond central station.

Alexa and google home compatibility

Your customers can control their alarm system using Alexa or Google voice assistants.

Cell backup

If the wifi network is unavailable, cell backup can relay important information. *coming soon

Battery backup

A built in battery to keep the system going even if the power goes out.