Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360
Crorzar Home Indoor 360

Crorzar Home Indoor 360

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Packs 1 Pack

The Crorzar Indoor 360 is a 1080p indoor wifi security camera that helps you see and hear exactly what’s happening at your home or business no matter where you are.

The Indoor 360 is an important part of any motion activated security camera system. Remote viewing means you can instantly get a live view of your home, pets, and loved ones from virtually anywhere on the planet using our free smart phone app.

Enable motion tracking to have your smart wifi camera automatically become a tracking camera and follow motion. No more missing key moments because someone or something moved out of frame.

This night vision camera delivers an incredibly clear picture, even in total darkness thanks to 6 built in infrared lights.

But the best part? Setup is a breeze and can be done by anyone in under 2 minutes!

Crorzar Cameras are also the only major wifi security cameras with no monthly fees required to access video storage or advanced features. It all come standard!

Security Camera
•HD 1080p
•3.6 mm Professional Lens
•355° Pan and 55° Tilt

Night Vision
6 Infrared Lights
•Up to 30 Foot Range
•.1 Lux for Color
•.01 Lux for B/W

Physical Specs
•4.5 in. x 3 in.
•6.3 oz.
•White ABS Plastic

Power and Connection
•Supports 802.11 b/g/n 2.4ghz Wifi Networks
•Lan Port
•Onvif Protocol Certified
•H.264 Compression
•DC12v 1.6a Power Supply (included)
•Supports Micro SD Cards Up To 128gb
•30” Power Cable

•Built in High Fidelity Speaker and Microphone for Two Way Audio
•Operating Temperatures 0°-114°F

•Crorzar Camera App
•Supports Some Third Party Camera Viewers
*Alexa and Google Home Camera Integration Coming Soon

•Crorzar 1080p Indoor 360 Wifi Security Camera with Night Vision
•30” Power Cable
•USB Power Adapter
•Wall/Ceiling Camera Mounting Kit
•Users Guide
•Unlimited Tech Support

Crorzar proudly ships your cameras directly from our warehouse in St. George, Utah. 

Most orders ship within a single business day! 

We ship using USPS so your orders arrive quickly, usually within 3-7 business days of your order being placed. 

If a return is necessary for any reason, all shipments and returns are processed quickly at our Utah offices.

Protect your videos with secure cloud storage

Advanced Cloud Storage

Crorzar Cameras offer some of the most advanced (and secure) cloud storage services out there.

For a few dollars per month you can securely store your video to the cloud and retrieve it from anywhere using our award winning mobile app.

Protect your footage from loss, weather, theft, and vandalism by keeping it securely stored in the cloud.


Simple Two Minute Setup

“This camera was really, really easy to set up”.

Designed to be easy, Crorzar Cameras are simple enough for anyone to setup without fancy tools or techy know-how. Go from box to live view in minutes.


Better Coverage with Fewer Cameras

Remotely control your indoor wifi security camera and view live video and recorded clips from virtually anywhere using our free smartphone app.

As a rotating security camera the Indoor 360 only needs a single camera to provide a full 360° view. Stationary cameras can miss important moments and require up to 4 cameras to provide the same coverage.

Rotate your camera from your smartphone and secure your home without blind spots.


Advanced, Easy to Use Features Included

As a tracking camera the Indoor 360 can automatically detect and follow movement so you never miss important moments.

Or if you prefer, the wifi smart camera can rotate automatically to scan the room.


“Wow, the clarity of the video is amazing”

An important part of any security camera system, the Indoor 360 is a 1080p camera that provides crystal clear images no matter where you are. Instantly check on your pets, loved ones, and home from virtually anywhere.


Built-In Infrared Lights for Clear Night Vision

Protect your home even in complete darkness with this motion activated camera that automatically tracks motion no matter how much light there is.

Crisp images up to 30 feet away even in total darkness.


Customize When, Where, and How Your Tracking Camera Notifies You of Activity

Create custom notification schedules to get alerts only when you want them.

Protect or ignore specific areas. Custom zone protection allows your security camera to focus on or ignore certain areas, like hallways, so you only get notified when someone, or something, enters a certain part of your home. Great for figuring out when your pets approach trash cans and other off limits areas.

Human Detection Mode limits notifications to when a person has been detected and ignores animals and other common causes of false alarms.

Automatically sound a siren alarm or custom voice recording from your camera when motion is detected.


Built in Speaker and Microphone

This indoor security camera comes with audio so you can see, hear, and talk to loved ones, pets, and visitors from anywhere.

See your pets light up as they recognize your voice or check on loved ones while you are away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When connected to wifi the cameras can be viewed and controlled from virtually anywhere in the world. Without wifi you can still connect directly to the cameras wirelessly when you are near the cameras.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection. Indoor cameras will detect motion up to 40 feet away, while outdoor cameras can detect motion up to 100 feet away.

It depends. Currently the cameras that plug in to power follow the Onvif protocol and can be used with some third party apps that work form your laptop or computer.

The cameras do not include a micro SD card unless specifically stated. If you purchase an SD card at checkout, we will install it for you before it ships.

This depends on a variety of factors, including the enviroment, the materials your home is constructed of, your router, and several other factors. Generally, if you can get a wifi signal at a specific location on your phone then the cameras will also pick up the wifi signal.

Some third party applications will work with the hardwired cameras.