Solar Mini Wall Mount Light

Solar Mini Wall Mount Light

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The Crorzar Solar Mini Wall Mount Light is the perfect way to quickly meet your outdoor solar lighting needs. Use them to light your walkways, stairs, decks, pool, and many other areas to accent your home at night. 

Built in solar panel and rechargeable batteries mean you can set up lighting anywhere in seconds. 

The professional grade aluminum alloy means your light is aesthetically pleasing and ruggedly durable while being weatherproof and safe for use in all but the most extreme environments. 

A full day of sunlight is enough to charge the battery for up to 8 nights of use. 

Energy efficient LED lights will last up to 50,000 hours so you can truly set this solar bollard light up and forget about it for years.

Patented Core Technology protects the battery from high temperatures and improves the lighting by up to 50% compared to other lights.


•LED: 1640 lumens at 4000k
•Lighting Angle: 270°
•Battery: 3.7V 2400mAh Lithium Ion
•Solar Panel: .5W 4.5V
•Working Hours: Up to 50,000
•Weatherproof Rating: IP65
•Casing Material: Premium ABS
•Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.1 x 5.3 inches
•Charging time: 8 hours
•Lighting time: Up to 2 days
•Motion Detection Range: 13-26 Feet

What's Included

•Solar Mini Wall Mount Light
•Hardware Mounting Kit


Crorzar proudly ships your cameras directly from our warehouse in St. George, Utah. 

Most orders ship within a single business day! 

We ship using USPS so your orders arrive quickly, usually within 3-7 business days of your order being placed. 

If a return is necessary for any reason, all shipments and returns are processed quickly at our Utah offices.

Sets up in Seconds

Solar Powered, Motion Activated Security Lighting

Quickly and effortlessly light up any outdoor area

Wireless Home Security Lights

Illuminate Without Wires

A wireless, set and forget solution that's working in seconds and lasts for year.


Use Everywhere

Solar walkway lighting, accent lighting, garden lighting, and countless other uses.

Sturdy design, rugged build, aesthetically pleasing looks. Long lasting LED's give you lighting without limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When connected to wifi the cameras can be viewed and controlled from virtually anywhere in the world. Without wifi you can still connect directly to the cameras wirelessly when you are near the cameras.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection. Indoor cameras will detect motion up to 40 feet away, while outdoor cameras can detect motion up to 100 feet away.

It depends. Currently the cameras that plug in to power follow the Onvif protocol and can be used with some third party apps that work form your laptop or computer.

The cameras do not include a micro SD card unless specifically stated. If you purchase an SD card at checkout, we will install it for you before it ships.

This depends on a variety of factors, including the enviroment, the materials your home is constructed of, your router, and several other factors. Generally, if you can get a wifi signal at a specific location on your phone then the cameras will also pick up the wifi signal.

Some third party applications will work with the hardwired cameras.

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Lacey H.

Bright! Easy to install!

I bought this product because at night my back yard is dark. Really dark! I just got a new puppy and I need to be able to see if he is picking up items he should not be. These lights are great! As soon as I start walking out my backdoor they start kicking on and as he walks around them they kick on for him as well. My only complaint would be Mother Nature lol I have a tree that when the wind blows one of the lights catches the movement and kicks on which ultimately makes the light get less bright pretty quickly. There is an on/off switch on the back which is pretty handy. I plan to purchase another set

Red Q.

Amazing lights

These lights are really something. I was not expecting them to be as bright as they are. We had bought some lights similar to this last year for about the same price and they are awful compared to these. I originally purchased these to put on the house in the backyard because our neighborhood has had some break-ins and people snooping around in yards. I ended up taking all the old ones down and replacing all of them. I bought 2 more sets after I saw these. They last all night and the distance on the motion sensor is really good. The motion sensor can sometimes be a pain depending on where you have these setup and what you want their purpose to be. We have these on the front of our house also, and when the cars drive down the street they do light up. We are maybe 20-30 from the street.

Jenny L.

Very bright and makes putting trash out at dark much easier

We love these, they are easy to put up and are so bright and great with motion. We put them on the front fence gate and back of it and along side the house fence. We did this on both sides of the house. It lights up our combo lock on our gate so we can see the small numbers in the dark. Winters, it gets dark so early.

Shelly C.

They work great

On the front of the light there is a VERY tiny hole, and you have to use a paperclip to press the button that is inside. Once you do that, the light will begin working. They are very bright, and very accurate with their motion AND darkness detection. I have them along the wooden post fence that lines my driveway. When I walk by during the day, they don't turn on, but when I go by them at night time they light right up! They are also very resistant to weather; I live in the southern region of the US, along the coast, and we get heavy rain at least 3x/week during hurricane season, and regular rain 3x/week in the off season. I would definitely recommend! Also, they DO come with the hardware to install them (screws & anchors), and they are very good quality.

James P.

Keep you and your family SAFE!

The lights look good and the sensor goes off immediately. They came on time, good box and I ordered a lot. I had one that did not come in , but that night we had the courtyard lit up in 15 minutes. We got them bcuz in desert, coyotes can sneak up on your pups. Now, when the light goes off, we feel safe. My brother is getting these for his yard. It’s just a great safety tool. I love them!!