Cut Your Creation

Costs in half

Close More Deals

A platform created by and for alarm companies to help win more business and create more RMR


Create In-house accounts that profitable from day one, with prices and quality your customers will love

High-Quality, Easy-to-Use alternative to Toy-Grade DIY Competition

Get your Foot in the Door with Less Expensive Solutions.

Never Lose a Deal over Credit, Home-Ownership, or Price again!

Compare the Savings

3-1 Kit
Typical Home Automation Package
Alarm System Installation
Home Automation Installation
Monitoring, Interactive, and Video Services
Monthly Billing/Backend/Collection Costs
Video verification with Live Agent
$12 Total
Total Creation Cost
Monthly Cost (Without Video Verification)
Monthly Cost (With Video Verification)

Higher Revenues at Better Margins

More profits starting from day one

What if you never had to lose a deal over features, price, credit, or home-ownership status again?

Over half of the market is un-tapped by professionals. The Crorzar platform allows you to double your revenues by serving these customers and closing more deals at better margins.

With equipment at less than half the cost of traditional options and monthly rates starting at $0, you never have to lose a deal again.

Build Your Recurring Revenues Faster

Create unlimited in-house accounts now that high creation costs are a thing of the past

The average alarm system costs almost $500 in equipment and labor, plus $10-$15 in monthly fees. These prices severely limit alarm companies' options and make it impossible to offer lower cost alternatives.

Now, thanks to the Crorzar platform, you can create in-house customers that are profitable on the first day. A basic Crorzar system costs less than the average consumer spends on a toy-grade DIY system.

High creation costs from traditional vendors are no longer a roadblock to building your in-house customer base.

Video verification to reduce false alarms

Set yourself apart by offering video proof. Video can be verified by the customer or by the central station.

Get to know the products

Smart Security Cameras

Indoor, Outdoor, and Solar Cameras

Quick Setup

Cloud and Local Storage

Smart Features

Video Verification

Two-Way Audio

Night Vision

Security System

Door Sensors, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Sensors, Glass Vibration Sensors, and More.

Video Doorbell

Dual Power

Connect to Existing Doorbell Wiring or use Included Rechargeable Batteries

Wireless Chimes Plug into any Outlet

135° Wide Angle Lens

Two Way Audio

30 Foot Night Vision

The Smartest Door Lock You've Ever Used

Fingerprint Scanning

Code Unlock

Card Access

App Control

Home Smart Thermostat

The Crorzar Home Smart Thermostat is a simple and easy way to control your home from anywhere. Touchscreen and simple to set up. Remote sensors can be strategically placed throughout your home to ensure every location is the desired temperature.

And Much More!


Easy to use app designed to grow with you

Monitoring and Interactive Services

multi-camera viewing

professional video verification